Will your child be successful in school? In sports? In life? As a parent, this can be quite a stressful question to ask ourselves. We may attempt to avoid thinking about it for awhile, but every day our kids get closer and closer to having to make it on their own. It is our job Read More

Students Prove Their Skills with Real Data Improvement in many areas is often subjective. It is quite common for a student to ask him or herself, “Am I getting better?” and feel frustrated with a perceived lack of progress. It can be very difficult to identify areas to target for improvement (what should I be Read More

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Martial Arts Is More Than Just a Physical Workout When you think of martial arts, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is self-defense.  Yes, martial arts is great for the body, but also for the mind.  There are undeniable benefits from hitting the gym everyday, but the monotony of the treadmill Read More

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Why Every Woman Should Know Self-Defense The unfortunate fact of life is that sometimes you need to protect yourself and your family from an external threat. Women can be particularly vulnerable to an attack of any kind, which is one of the many reasons why learning self-defense can be so important for women. A study Read More

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Stranger Danger “Don’t talk to strangers” used to be the cure all to protect your child, but there are two sides to this.  If you child wants to make friends or is lost…they need to talk to a stranger. Instead of creating an encompassing rule of “Don’t talk to strangers”.  Teach your children to learn who is Read More