two happy martial arts students

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids Who Learn and Think Differently Every kid needs exercise and time to play, but kids who learn and think differently can have a hard time finding sports that fits them well.  Unlike most sports, Martial Arts is focused around an individual’s personal growth, rather than comparison to others. Read More

Academic Benefits of Physical Activity Physical activity is not only essential for healthy growth and development, it is also important to learning and getting good grades in school.  Active kids are proven to get better grades, better sleep and have better attendance in school. In the age of apps, tablets and streaming it can be Read More

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What is the best age to start Martial Arts? With all the benefits of Martial Arts, parents often wonder…What’s the best age to enroll their children into classes? Believe it or not, young exposure is never a bad idea.  Four- and five-year old’s benefit greatly from martial arts classes.  They are not doing any too Read More

Why Martial Arts is Great for Weight Loss Martial Arts can be a great activity for weight loss.  It’s not just your regular run on the treadmill. It’s such an entertaining way to exercise that you may not feel like you’re working out at all.  Taking an hour-long class kicking and punching will seem like Read More

two happy martial arts students

Martial Arts and Children’s Behavior Activities like Martial Arts are a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus. Some parents may think they also promote violence, but that’s a myth, according to experts. The martial arts actually help teach a variety of skills like self-discipline, socialization, self-respect, self-control, self-defense, self Read More