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  • Our Daughter loves this Taekwondo school! Well structured classes but still light and fun.

  • Master James Lockett’s past experience teaching middle school and his professionalism really stands out. This is an A+ Taekwondo school for my nephew.

    Side note from me, a family med physician that is diagnosing and treating COVID patients: all students (and parents) are wearing a mask and well distanced during class. Temperature screens for all students before they are allowed to enter and start class. Plus there are also online classes and I like knowing that if my family gets exposed to COVID, we can continue with classes and do the right thing and stay home. This is a great example of how to safely operate during the pandemic. Kudos!

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are grateful to have you guys as a part of our martial arts family.

  • This is the only martial arts school in the area whose Master Instructor also has a Masters Degree in Education.

  • My son loves this Taekwondo class. Mr. Lockett is a great teacher and clearly enjoys working with the kids. The class is fun and challenging, and kids are learning self-defense skills and discipline."

  • James Lockett is an amazing instructor. He meets each student at his or her own level and gives each one the encouragement and skills to be successful, not only in martial arts, but also in life!
    Come for a free lesson, and you’ll see for yourself.

  • This school has been great to help build my daughter’s confidence. She loves it!

  • We are very happy with Master Lockett. Hi is an excellent instructor. I would definitely recommend his classes.

  • I encourage all parents to give this program a try. Master Lockett has many years of martial arts training in the states and also in Korea. He works to help each student reach his or her greatest potential. This is an excellent way to give you or your children more physically challenging activities and less screen time.

  • The positive changes I’ve seen in both my girls are their strength and flexibility. They have more self-control and discipline.

    It has given them the confidence to defend themselves and the self-esteem to succeed. The girls’ confidence is through the roof!

  • Best thing I ever did for my son was to put him in United States Taekwondo. He took a liking to martial arts and to see him put so much interest and passion in the techniques he's learning puts the biggest smile on my heart. I'm so proud of him and this could have never been accomplished without the dedication from his teacher Master Lockett. I really appreciate you Master Lockett for everything you do in order to prepare the kids for not only protecting themselves but also teaching them the significant of respecting others and also teaching them to set goals for themselves and reaching them. I recommend United States Taekwondo to anyone and everyone thats ready to make a positive change for them or their kiddos!

Thank you very much! We are incredibly grateful to have families like yours with us.

  • Great instructor with a lot of experience. My kid loves the classes.

  • We have tried other sports and activities. My kids really enjoy taekwondo that allows them physical activity and enjoy moving up in belts. They think the classes are fun!

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